Dog Groomer Guildford

If you need a professional dog grooming service in Guildford, Surrey and surrounding areas, we’re the people you need! If you can’t come to us, we offer mobile services as well as in-store. We can groom any dogs, not only different breeds but large or anxious dogs, just to name a few!

We don’t only cater for Central Guildford, but also in Godalming, Aldershot or Farnham. We love working here as it’s a wonderful area with many lovely geographical features. There are some man-made features as well including Guildford Castle and its cathedral. Also, there are lots of parks and greens, demonstrating that they aren’t completely grey towns and cities.

We can make your dog’s fur turn from brown with dirt to their wonderful original colour. Moreover, if their fur is all matted and knotted, our dog grooming will return it to looking beautiful. You can also upgrade to the Premium Pack to get a full bath, grooming and a blow dry to dry them off. We can brush their teeth so that your dog’s teeth are squeaky clean! We can hand strip your dog as well if it is needed.

As well as these, if your pooch’s nails are too long, contact us right away to get them trimmed off exactly to your liking. The benefits of this is so your dog doesn’t scratch up your carpet or even you. Additionally, it changes your dog’s posture which can ultimately change its skeletal structure.

Furthermore, we provide some home tips. Here’s a guide as to what food to give your dog depending on its size:

Toy (up to 5kg)Up to 90g
Small (5-12kg)90-175g
Medium (12-25kg)175-300g
Large (25-45kg)300-475g
A groomed dog

We offer mobile services so it saves you the hassle of coming to us. We come to all of Guildford, Godalming, Farnham and Aldershot. If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you! There are lots of benefits to mobile services, including if you can’t drive or are just too busy. Unfortunately, we can’t deliver mobile services during Covid-19 for obvious reasons, but we promise we’ll be knocking at your door as soon as this is over!

We are also open on Sundays, and during this terrible pandemic. When your dog needs us, we’ll be there for them! We don’t let anything stop us! As soon as you call us, we’ll be right there.

As dog grooming specialists, we use the best tools to groom your dogs. We use de-shedding brushes, top-class doggy hair clippers, detangling brushes, nail trimmers, just to name a few. We use top brands like Andis, Oster, FURminator and Wahl.

Dog grooming is important for the hygiene and wellbeing of your dog as it makes them feel, and look, clean and fresh; just like us having a shower, bath, nail trim or a haircut. You need to get your dog groomed because, unlike us, they can’t choose when they clean themselves, you do. They can clean themselves with their tongue, but nowhere near as hygienically or efficiently as us. They need your love and getting them groomed meets those needs.

Even as a puppy, dog grooming is essential as it gets your dog used to the tools and the whole experience itself, which it should definitely go through again later in life. The scissors and clippers can be scary for a puppy, terrifying even, but after several dog grooming sessions, it’ll become easier and not become untrainable as it would without the early start. At the beginning, instinct will tell them to bite or claw at the tools. A strange object running through their hair is no easy thing for a puppy who hasn’t been around long. However, regular grooming will get them used to these strange events, and they will grow to love it.

As well as this, nothing is worse than fleas. An infestation of fleas is the very lowest of lows and something you never want to happen to you. If it’s not treated, they’ll spread and spread and eventually get to you and your family. That wouldn’t be good at all.

To prevent it before it happens, send your dog to us for regular medication to fight those fleas! Or you could even put it in their food at home. Another way to stop them are flea collars. They emit chemicals that can kill the fleas, but if there are other pets in your house and they chew each other’s collars, don’t get the collars as that could harm your other pets.

However, if they’re already in your home, a way to get rid of them is to send your dog to us for a flea bath. We have special flea shampoo that kills the fleas instantly and then we wash it off afterwards. Your dog will be flea-free!

If your dog is itchy for other reasons, we’ll sort it out. It drives owners mad when your dog is constantly scratching and scratching and scratching itself. Some others can’t take the constant whining when the dog scratches itself too hard. Whatever the problem, most people want to stop their dog scratching itself.

It’s quite simple really. All we have to do is brush them on a daily basis because most itching problems are from things caught in their fur e.g. pollen or dirt. If left unattended for too long, it’ll build up in your dog’s fur and irritate the skin, causing your dog to scratch at the irritated area. So, just the brushing of the fur would be enough to stop the irritation of your dog’s skin.

Also, letting us bathe your dog would get rid of the problem and all the nasty things caught up in your dog’s fur. However, this one can’t be on a daily basis as too much shampoo and water will strip your dog of its natural oils. That’ll cause more infections and maybe even make the scratching problem worse.

Additionally, we bathe their ears quite thoroughly as well as they can get parasites called ear mites in there. The ear mites will aggravate the ears and cause more scratching. That can ultimately lead to ear health issues.

We all hope that this has been of help to you and maybe you could use us in the future. Or, if your dog is in need now, contact us immediately. We look forward to seeing you and your dog soon.